Sunday, 9 March 2014

Finished: Martha's Ripple Blanket

Woo hooo! It's finished. In fact I finished it yesterday, in time for Martha's birthday as planned.

Here it is...

I love the bobbly edging, it is very pleasing indeed. The edging is worked along both straight sides, with the top and bottom left plain.

I'm so pleased it is finished and thank you so much to everyone who commented and left words of encouragement. I think we should all have a cheering squad sometimes, it works wonders. Now I can cross it off my list, hooray!

I am mulling over possibilities for writing up the pattern for the blanket, or maybe just a how to do the bobbly edging? What do you think?

As it was Martha's birthday, there was also cake. A very sprinkly cake!


p.s. linking to Handmade Monday again this week...


  1. It's lovely- I'm glad you finished it in time. I like that you only did the edging on the sides as it makes it hang really nicely.

  2. that cake... never knowingly undersprinkled... x

  3. Happy Birthday to Martha. The cake looks delicious. The finished blanket looks wonderful gorgeous colours and lovely bobbles. I think it would be a wonderful idea to write up the pattern. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  4. Fabulous blanket, looks amazing <3
    Love the bobble edging, finishes it off nicely xx

  5. Martha must be delighted. The blanket looks beautiful. Your work is VERY even. I agree, a pattern would be great! :)

  6. Well done:) You must be so pleased with it, and I am sure Martha is too, any cake left?!

  7. Happy Birthday to Martha, the blanket looks wonderful, the bobble edging really finishes it off.

    As for sprinkles, you can never have too many :)

    Jan x

  8. Congrats! It's a lovely blanket. The edging you made is really a beautiful design. I'm looking forward to see your other completed projects. Have a great week!

  9. Well done on getting it finished in time, it looks fabulous and the bobbles really set it off. I have to say, I also love the bureau/drawers, what a gorgeous piece of old furniture.

  10. Lovely pattern and colours. I think that the bobble trim is my favourite part!

  11. It looks amazing, and the cake looks delicious!


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